Goodgame empire war

goodgame empire war

Despite the upcoming war, the sultans of the Spice Islands have returned to the empire to celebrate the coronation of the new Lotus King. OK I just comptemplated an insane theory that might come back and bite me or be true. What does KON want really out of this war?. Somebody complained to our alliance in UK1 about spying on a target in Great Empire during a war of foreign empires. He said it was not within fair play rules. Basically, god comms have indirectly killed off the game. Klar, man kann immer noch ohne Geld spielen - aber nur, wenn man von anderen gesponsert wird. Some people have different reactions to the words they hear or see. This difference in the attacking behaviour was therefore causing difficulties sunset casino seriös laying the basis for future development of any landmarks and that is why it was decided to remove this chance and streamline one and for all the mechanics of the resource villages. All applicable bonuses will be grouped into categories. Lets take a look:


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